Cleaning and Organizing

Cleaning Without Chemicals

I really hate the thought of cleaning my microwave with chemicals. I don’t know how it will effect my family, and I surely don’t want it effecting their food!

So, the easiest way for me to clean it, kill the germs, and do it without chemicals is hot water.

I place a bowl of hot water (usually i get hot water out of my Keurig) in the middle of my microwave, and run it for 4 minutes and 30 seconds. I use my first rag to wipe any of the loose grime from the walls, top and bottom. Next, i remove the glass plate, dip my second rag in the hot water (careful!!!) and lay it on any stuck-on food on the glass plate. Next, i dip just a tiny bit of the rag in the hot water, and rub off anything thats stuck.

Remember that glass plate? The rag should be touchable now, use it to juat wipe away the food that was stuck on.

Bam! Clean microwave! For free, and safe!



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