Crafts & Fun

Glass Jar Jack-O-Lantern

How adorable are these??

What you will need-
Empty glass pickle, or pasta sauce jars (could also use old canning jars!)
Acrylic paint (what ever color you would like)
School Glue
Paint Sponges
Paper plate
Jack-O-Lantern face stickers
Short glow stick

Clean and dry the jars. If there is a food smell that you want to rid the hars of, just ball up newspaper and close it up. Let it sit over night.

Make sure your jars are dry before beginning!

Next, mix 2 parts paint & 1 part glue on the paper plate. Paint the jars with the mixture, and leave upside down to dry. Make aure tou paint the entire jar.

Next, use the stickers to create a funny face! Just before trick-or-treat, vrack a glow stick and drop it in the jar. The lid is optional, but feel free to decorate it if you like!!



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