Halloween: Yay or Nay?


Recently I saw a post on my FaceBook News Feed from a Blog I really love; The Humbled Homemaker.

I will say, she has some pretty awesome stuff posted to her blog, and I am a fan of her FaceBook page.

So, back to the post.

On October 28th, 2015 she made a post asking if her followers did, or did not do anything for Halloween. I thought, what an odd question. And I proceeded to respond with, “We do Halloween. We do Christmas. We do Easter, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s. We do Candy, Pork, Shell fish, and mixed fabrics. We do laughter, love and kindness. We do family, fun and joy. We celebrate every day in the best way we can – with family, loving each other.”

Now, I know there are some families who don’t believe in celebrating Halloween, but we aren’t one of them. We love Halloween, and we love decorating. One of my favorite things to do? Watch “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” How can October be complete without it?

Then, I realize for some it is. But, for our family, it isn’t.

So I wonder, what are some of the things you do on October 31st?

Do you do Halloween?
Do you do a Fall Festival?
Maybe your Church holds a Fall Kids Fest?
Do you go Apple Picking?
Or maybe you treat it like any other day of the year?

I was raised Catholic, and I now live in mixed religion. I have found so many amazing things in so many different paths of life. So my religion does not steer me one way or the other. However, I realize that some Christians don’t believe in celebrating October 31st as Halloween.

So, if you don’t celebrate it, how do you keep your kids occupied?
How do you make the day fun for your children so they don’t feel left out?

Now, Erin’s blog is very Faith based, and I LOVE that she really, truly, has her whole heart in it. If your interested on how her family celebrates this day (and not in the traditional sense), Check out her blog post here. She may not spend the day like some of her neighbors, but she definitely spends it spreading her Love 🙂


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