Halloween Treats

Mini Mummy Dogs

These are cute little treats for any Halloween Treat Table!

You will need
1 package of cocktail weenies (why is that word so funny to say?)
1 can of Crescent rolls
Parchment Paper
Pizza Cutter

First, roll out the crescent rolls flat on a lightly sprayed cookie sheet. Press the seams together to make it flat. Next, take the pizza cutter, and cut very thin strips of dough.

Take the dough the wrap it around the mini weenies until they look mummified enough to you!

Place on the parchment lined cookie sheet, and bake at 325* until golden brown (usually about 8 minutes).

Show Me The Mummy!!!! (I hope I don’t get in trouble for that!)
I’ll be posting photos of our Mummy Dogs tomorrow on our FaceBook page. Why not pop over and share yours as well?


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