Why is Written Word Disappearing?

Why is Written word disappearing? Pt. 1

The worst Advice ever given to me by a Public School Teacher: “Don’t worry about her spelling.”

Actually, it went something like this: “I’m not worried about her spelling, or hand writing. No one writes anyways, everything is done on a computer, and those have spell checks.” Really? This was when I first realize how horrible public school was in my area, and how badly I needed to be involved with my daughter’s school lessons. However, she didn’t feel the same.

I remember when she would bring home spelling test that she had failed, and I wondered why her grades were not reflecting them. I would tell her she needed to study more; we did flash cards, practice test, and sentences. She did great at home, but bombed the test at school. Then I found out that the teachers don’t push for spelling in the classroom. They worry more about sentence structure, and parts of speech. I…. Uhhh… Tell me again why spelling isn’t important? Not only did she share her views as stated above, but she did it during an open house where not only my daughter (who was 8 at the time) could hear her, but other students and parents.

I looked at her shocked, I simply said, “Oh, ok.” As Mr. H and I were walking out of the classroom, we both looked at each other and thought, “What an idiot!” Unfortunately, reassigning her to another class room was not an option because her school did not have enough teachers for the students they had already. There were anywhere from 20-30 kids per class, and she could not be moved.

This really made me feel like I was failing as a parent. Was I not doing enough at home to encourage her? Was I not doing enough to show her how important being a good writer was? Honestly, I spend hours every week journaling, blogging, and writing letters. How did I miss the fact that she didn’t find her penmanship important?

Then I realized, I just expected her to see it as important. I never thought to shadow her and actually see her utilizing her written communication. Still, almost 5 years later, I am fighting with her to find the importance in written word. I have tried to get her a pen pal, but she never writes back. I encourage her to journal (I have bought her literally dozens of journals), but it seems as though it’s not as important to her as it is to me. So, I have to sit back and wonder “why?”

Why do you think written word is failing in the younger generations?

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4 thoughts on “Why is Written word disappearing? Pt. 1

  1. Wow, of course spelling is still important! If a person spells well, that person can naturally write (or type!) with more ease than a person who cannot spell well. My mom always quizzed me on my spelling words when I was young, and I think it’s one of the reasons why I did so well in my English classes later in life. Spelling well ultimately made writing easier. It sounds like the teacher is well-intentioned, but she might be setting these students up for failure by not considering spelling to be a fundamental skill. Maybe I am just an old-fashioned English major.


      1. Yes, you want your child to respect the teacher and learn everything else that is being taught too. I think there are some spelling games on the PBS.org site if you might be interested in that. There might even be a site where you could type in custom spelling words if you search online.


      2. We did try a few different web sites. She has gotten better, which I am thankful for, but I still wish she had a strong influence at School, like she did at home. Its very hard to instill values and morals in a child when they spend half the day in a place where she is being told its just not important.

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