Diary of a Modern Housewife

Job Search: Failed.

job search

If you ask anyone “What do you need more of?” I assume you will get one of three answers; More Money, More Sleep, More time with my family. I really feel like I need all of these. Seriously, I feel like being a homemaker is one of the most exhausting jobs ever. Add my blog to that, and clearly you can tell (by the lack of post) that I am struggling to find time for everything! But one thing is really lacking in my life – a life outside of my home. (Offended? Don’t be. Read my blog on Self Identity here.) I knew the one way I could do that and not feel guilty about it, was a job. If I was bringing in some sort of income, I would feel like my time outside of the home would be well spent. So, the job hunts began.

I spent quite a bit of time putting in job applications for retail positions for the holiday season. I thought for sure that it would be the perfect time to get my foot in the door for a new job. There are so many different retail shops around me, local and big box, thought it should be so easy to get a job, even if it is temporary. So, I spent a couple weeks putting in application after application. I will tell you I received a few rejection emails before I even heard about an interview. Those e-mails stung, a lot! But, I kept moving forward. I put in application after application, and I hoped for the best.

Now, if I learned anything from this, it’s that patience is key. There is always someone else applying for the same job, and there is always someone else with skills you may, or may not have. During the holiday season, retailers get swamped with applications. Some places advertise that they are hiring, and some places are swamped with applications all year round. Some places are very well staffed and don’t expect to need help for the holidays. It’s a real hit and miss time of the year for jobs – just like all year round.

So, I made sure to apply at one of my favorite places to shop – Target! Why not? Honestly, I would be spending my check there for the holidays, so it just made sense. Well, I got a call, and had two interviews. The interview was pretty good. I interviewed with a guy named Joe, and a lady named Dominique. Both seemed to go great. They were both very pleasant people, and I thought I did great. I was SURE I had the job. They both went great, and both individuals I applied with her amazing. I was so excited to be a part of this company.

Well, as it turned out, I did not get the position. It sucked, it really did. I remember getting an e-mail from Target, and I was expecting it to have follow up information from HR about the drug test required for the job, etc. But, it did not. It was simply there to let me know, they would not be offering me a position at this time. I will be honest and tell you, my heart broke. I was so excited to work for them. I can’t tell you how much I rave about not only the store itself, but that exact location. I love my Cartwheel app too! I save so much at Target, that I feel like I really could do 90% of my shopping there every month.

Well, that was that. I didn’t get the job, and I had to plan out my next step. But, I really had no other steps to take. I had applied everywhere I could get to by bus or walking, and I had made follow up calls. Honestly, I felt like I hit a brick wall. The holidays are coming up so fast, and I really wanted to be able to contribute to our holiday shopping. I do run a baking business from my home, and I make some pretty good money. But, I thought, this would be better for many reasons. Also, the discount would be great too! But, here I sit. Instead of figuring out my schedule, I am telling you all about it.

So, my next step, is to find a way to make money from home, while still being able to focus on my family!

Have you found any “work from home” jobs, that don’t require an up-front fee? If so, please feel free to post them in the comments! (But please don’t post any referral links)


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