Keeping The Home Clean & Organized

Keeping The Home Clean & Organized

Room List

A few weeks ago I began following a cleaning schedule from a fellow blogger. Each week, however, I found myself tweaking it for myself, and searching for other ideas to add to the mix. My husband doesn’t work a normal Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. job. He is a cook at our local Big Name Concert venue. So, while his place of business is closed Sunday & Monday, those days are subject to change according to artist & concert dates. Because of this, following a 2-day weekend cleaning schedule just doesn’t work for me. I need to be able to do most of my cleaning at night, and I need to be able to have the house “comfortably clean*” TWICE a week, instead of just once.

So, I decided, it may be time to write up my own routine. After all, that’s really what I had been having to do. I took some ideas from a couple places, and decided to create a schedule that works for me.

So, I decided every Saturday I’ll be posting the cleaning schedule for the following week of Sunday – Saturday. But every morning I’ll post my daily chart showing what I’ll be cleaning, cooking, and my to-do list.

While this might seem a little overwhelming, trust me, I have your best interest in mind.

Not every family is headed by someone who is home by 5 p.m.
Sunday Suppers are not common for every family like they used to be.
Some of our spouses are home for lunch, but not supper, so we adjust our meals for such.

I really hope this blog series speaks out to those who are not in the most structured of work schedules, and it can help you get more time with your spouse when he or she IS home.

Happy Cleaning!


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