Keeping The Home Clean & Organized

Keeping your Home Clean

So, I don’t know about you, but there is NO WAY I am able to clean my entire home, every single day. The Quick Six helps me keep things under control, but in reality, I have to deep clean one room a day. If I don’t, it will get out of control. I may only have one child at home, but at age 12, she is sometimes messier than a teenager.

So, here is a list of the rooms, and what all I do to keep them clean. Feel free to save the images to your phone, so you can have a little check list at your finger tips!

(You will notice I don’t have “Dust Ceilings & Walls” or “Clean Lighting Fixtures” on the Bathroom and Kitchen Check List. I do these things on my husbands Weekend Day off. Why? Because when the family is all home together, those are the two rooms that get the most use. So, I dust them when I do my Quick Six in the am, so they look good for the rest of the day.

Bathroom List
I always empty the trash last, so that if I need to throw anything away, its not left in the trash after. Also, I scrub the shower last. Why? Because by the time I am done cleaning everything else, I am ready to shower. So, I scrub the shower, then take a shower! I wipe up the wet floor behind me, and leave the bathroom, and myself, clean and fresh!

When I change the bed linen, I always spray it down with Lysol to kill any germs that may be lingering around. I also do the same with the pillows. When I Sweep and Mop I always get under the bed, because really, who knows what the puppy had dragged under the bed. I also ALWAYS make sure to clean the heater vent because it can collect dust! Mr. H and our NSLO have allergies, so keeping the dust to a minimum is a must. Also, while I realize 99% of people have dressers, we don’t. We use a tall shelving to keep our clothes on. It makes more sense for us because we can see all of our clothes at once, and things don’t get hidden.

Dining Room List
Dining Room:
I always dust the dining room lights, because its hanging over the table, so this gets done any time I notice it needs it, but I use a wet cloth when I deep clean the Dining room. We also have two built in cabinets in out dining room. Most times I do wash the glass door. But, I’ll be honest, we have so many photos on the glass, that its sometimes too much to remove them all, and place them back up.

Hallways List
We only have one hall in our home, and for some reason its our puppy’s favorite place to piddle. It runs from our bedroom to our NSLO’s, and has a closet, and the bathroom off of it. Its only about 12 feet long, and 3 feet wide, so its a simple clean. However, because its so tall, it gets dusty, FAST! Also, I apply all of these cleaning items to the hallway from our kitchen to the backdoor as well. Although, that is normally our NSLO’s chore.

Kitchen List
Normally when I do the Kitchen, I plan something easy for supper (Tacos, Left Overs, etc.). Even with a small kitchen, this is A LOT to do! So, I try to give myself a break that evening and make supper easy. We have a gas stove, and while its not an old stove, it has some wear to it from previous renters. So, when I clean the stove, I soak the burner covers in hot water. If there is anything caked on that was missed while cooking at some point, I’ll put some baking soda paste on it for a few minutes (10-15) and let it sit. It usually wipes off pretty easily after that.

Laundry List
Laundry Room:
Our Laundry is in the basement, and it is not a finished area. You know what that means? A LOT of dust! I don’t mop, but I do sweep. And I also like to keep a little bin on top of the dryer for your soap and dryer sheets.

Living Room List
Living Room:
Per the name, this room is lived in. When I say lived in, I MEAN lived in. We do spend a lot of time here. So, the clutter piles up, and its not easy to keep a hold of. We downsized when we moved here, yet it seems like we have collected more material things. Now, I know I broke down the dusting into steps, but I did that for a reason. Some homes get very dusty, and dusting in this order will help keep it clean. Work from top to bottom, and it will collect on the floor, and be swept away!

I really hope these all help you get a handle on your house work. Sometimes it seems to get away from us. But I promise you, “The Quick Six” will really help make these chores so much easier!

Happy Cleaning


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