Keeping The Home Clean & Organized

“The Quick Six”

I adapted a list of the top 6 things that NEED to be done every morning. Why? Because if your day gets unexpectedly interrupted, these Quick Six items will make the house tidy and presentable when your spouse wakes up, or gets home from work.

These are Six Simple things that should take around 60-90 minutes to finish (depending on the size of your home):

  1. Make The Beds. If your Kids are old enough, they can make their own. And if your spouse is an evening worker, they may sleep in. So, this item can be done last if needed. But Make sure this gets done every day. Not only does it help make the bedroom look clean, but it also leaves a flat surface to dump those clothes later when you fold them and put them away!
  2. Put in a Load of Wash. Depending on what time of work your spouse does, their clothes may need to be washed every day, same goes for your children and any sports or activities they take part in. My spouse is a cook, and some times his clothes just cannot wait to be washed.
  3. Sweep the Floors. I always do this after I put the wash in. It gives me a chance to make sure all the dirty clothes are picked up off the floor in the hallway and bedrooms. Sweeping the floors helps A LOT! Sometimes you don’t realize what is there, until it isn’t there anymore. Between our puppy, and the crafting we all do, little things get on the floor from puppy hair to little pieces of plastic canvas, the vacuum fills up fast throughout the week! Plus, I have a stick Vacuum that I use, and all my floors are Hard Wood, except for the Kitchen and Bathroom. So, I am able to start in the Kitchen, and sweep all the way through the dining room, into the Living room, and then the Hallway. From there I can go into the Bedroom, and Bathroom.
  4. Do the Dishes! An empty sink makes a huge difference in a Kitchen. Maybe there are dishes from dinner last night (it’s my daughters job to do dinner dishes, and she doesn’t always get them all finished before bed!), and there are sure to be breakfast dishes, or a coffee cup from the morning. Clean those up and get them out of the way so it will be easier to get lunch or dinner ready later.
  5. Wipe off the Kitchen table, and any other Kitchen surface you used that morning. Toast leaves crumbs, and sometimes little hands spill milk and don’t think to clean it up! Cleaning the table will make the kitchen look better. Plus, if your like me, you will have a clean spot to sit and sip your coffee while your scrolling through FaceBook later!
  6. Wipe down the Bathroom Surfaces. I’ll even admit that Toothpaste splatters a little when I brush my teeth; maybe I get a little too into the scrubbing. When faces are being washed up, the water splashes. Sometimes when little (and big boys) are in a rush, the toilet gets missed. Make-up might get left out, and floss may have missed the trash bin. A quick once-over will make it look much better!

Those are “The Quick Six” I make sure to do every morning. I live in a smaller two bedroom apartment, so it takes me about an hour, to an hour and a half. Depending on if you have two bathrooms, or how big your living areas are, it could take you up to two or three hours. Just plan accordingly!

The Quick Six List


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