Why is Written Word Disappearing?

Why is Written word disappearing? Pt. 2

Two words: Instant Gratification.

I think the world has become dependent on Text Messaging, IMs, FaceBook Chats, and E-mails. Honestly, even e-mails aren’t fast enough anymore. “I can’t wait for you to click on your email app, so I am just going to text you so it pops up right away.”

I love sending and receiving letters in the mail. Seriously, one of my favorite things to do was check the mailbox to see if I got anything! So when I joined a fellow housewife group, I was SO excited to see that they had a thread for Pen Pals. I have exchanged a few letters, and it’s funny – we still talk over FaceBook messenger! Now, I may only be 32, but my memory is gone way before its time. So, I may be chatting with these ladies about things I wrote in the letters. However, I love the conversations we have.

Now, back to the point – instant. We don’t want to wait to get a response from someone. When did this change? The Internet! I grew up in a home that went from 1 phone line, to call waiting, to AOL. Then we had two phone lines, and then high speed internet. We went from checking our mail box, to checking our IM screens. I always joke and say, “I wish I had grown up Amish. I wouldn’t know anything about the computer and internet, and I would get letters more than I get spam.” But the truth is, it’s not just about me. It’s the art of written word. It has changed so much.

We have substituted real emotions, with emoticons.
We have substituted REAL laughter, with three little letters – “LOL”
We no longer even need to pick up the phone to place a food order.
We no longer feel the need to express how we feel to anyone – we simply expect them to know by the cartoon we pick to send.

What happened to the days when we picked up a pen, and wrote a letter to our loved ones? Not just family! But we used to write out our love for the person we admired.

Our most intimate feelings used to be expressed through our pens, on beautiful paper, and sealed with a kiss! Quite literally in fact! I may only be 32, but I can remember sealing my love notes with my favorite color lipstick. But now, those feelings are summarized, and shared via text messaging. And some of which are posted on FaceBook for all of the world to see.

Not only that, but when we get so worried about “how will they respond?” we don’t take the time to really express how we feel in words. We skimp, rush, and send without really putting our hearts into it. Why? Because we want to know their reaction!

So, when is the last time you sat down and wrote your loved one a note, to express your feelings of love and gratitude?

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2 thoughts on “Why is Written word disappearing? Pt. 2

  1. I do not like at all how the Internet, Computers, Text Messages, E-Mail & ALL has taken over Peoples Hearts & Minds………..Sure, it has its place, but when we replace OUR WHOLE LIVES with COMPUTERS…..What do we have Left?????????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! It is so hard to teach our children how to express themselves when we have the internet and all these emoticons expressing it for them!
      But, you will have to read Part 3 for that! 🙂


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