Why is Written Word Disappearing?

Why is Written word disappearing? Pt. 3

social media

So, maybe a better title for this part would be better as, “Why is Written Word so Public?”

Two Reasons – Public Photos and Status updates.

Raise your hand if you are guilty of “posting before you think”!
*Raises both hands furiously, and waves them all around*

Yep, that’s me!

We no longer have privacy! And not because other people are gossiping. It’s because we are gossiping about ourselves! We post such personal things on the internet, that no one needs to start any gossip about us – we have already sent the gossip train in full motion.
“Did you see what Jenni posted last night?”

“I cannot believe John shared that photo!!”

“Why in the word would Barb post something so personal about her and Matt on FaceBook?”

Why? Because the internet is not only replacing our hand written communication, but it has replaced social interaction. I for one will admit, I go on FaceBook more than I speak to my best friend (Oh, I am so sorry for admitting this!)

When we do something that makes us happy, and excited – we post it on social media.

When we do something that makes us upset, and annoyed – we post it on social media.

When we get an amazing gift from someone and want to show it off – we post it on social media.

When we take a photo that we want everyone to see – we post it on social media.

What in the world did we do before Social Media??

When we did something that made us happy & excited, we wrote about it in our journal, or we shared the excitement with our neighbor over coffee the next morning.

When we did something that made us upset and annoyed, we write it in our journal, or we complained to our Mother & sisters about it.

When we got an amazing gift from someone and wanted to show it off, we invited people over for Saturday Supper, and made sure it was in the middle of the room!

When we took a photo and we wanted everyone to see it, we took the film disk, or roll, to the drug store, and had them develop the picture. Then we waited 3 days to pick it up. And when we picked it up, we bought a photo frame for it, and we hung it on the wall! Our actual wall – in the living room – there was no FaceBook wall to post it on.

I remember sending out family photos in Christmas Cards. Why don’t we do that anymore? Because they get posted to FaceBook, and by the time the Christmas card arrives, everyone we know, and some we don’t, have already seen it. (Again, instant gratification!)

Why are we not getting together for coffee anymore?
Why are we complaining to the world, instead of to our mothers?
Why are we not getting friends together for dinner and coffee?
Why are we not adding pictures to the Family Photo Album & Family Bible?

Let’s get life back to life, and off the internet!

Start playing Uno and Yahtzee. Stop sending so many life request to crush more candy.
Start sending your love interest or spouse Letters in the mail, and stop posting intimate things on social media.
Call your mother and invite her to lunch, and pick up the tab. Stop checking her FaceBook page to see what she has been up to.
Before you send that next text message, ask yourself – “Is this person worth my time?” if you answer yes, then call them!

I really hope this helps you realize it is time to reach out to our friends and family through real communication. Not just the internet!

So, sign off, and call a friend, a sibling, or a parent!

Happy Communication!


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