Cleaning Schedules

Cleaning list for 11/14 – 11/21

Sorry this is coming up late! I had a family engagement today that kept me from the computer.

Here is my cleaning list for November 14th through November 21st!
Feel free to use it to help you keep your home tidy if you need to.

I added a few things to this week, because I will be getting ready for Thanksgiving this week!

  • I’ll be putting out the Thanksgiving Table Cloth (I found a really nice plastic one I can pitch if it gets ruined! It only cost me $2! And if it last, I will put it away for next year!)
  • I will be washing the windows more than once a week now, so I am adding it to my schedule to do on Mondays. When the rain kicks up in the fall, the windows get dirty really fast!
  • the new neighbor has a compost, so I am helping by adding coffee grounds, apple cores, and potato peels. I’m hoping this will allow us to use some of the soil in the spring for the tomatoes!
  • Bleach towels! I realized I LOVE the smell of bleach. I didn’t like the thought of using the bleach, but then my husband had to use it for his work clothes, and tossed the towels in with it. I loved it!
  • Hanging up the shirts. Mr. H has an abundance of clothes, so I will be hanging up all the shirts. We need the room in the rack!
  • I have a book shelve in the dining room I need to get rid of. Its become a clutter spot, and it has a lot of Tupperware on it that I need to go through.
  • Scrub the Kitchen Floor. The only door into the home is in the kitchen, and it tracks in a lot of outside dirt. Not only that, but the floor is a ceramic tile, and it is very course. So, I need to scrub it good.



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