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Still Recovering

OK, I don’t know about you, but I am pretty proud of myself this year! Not only did I cook 90% of the food for our family meal (my uncle brought the sweet potatoes), but I also had everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, cleaned up that night. There was not a dirty dish in the house!

However, I am still exhausted from running all weekend.

On Thursday was Thanksgiving.
On Friday Morning I went with my cousin for her to try on Wedding Dresses.
On Friday afternoon I went to my other cousins house to hang out and bake cookies.
On Saturday I had a really long morning and early afternoon.
On Saturday evening we went down to see the Christmas lights in Downtown (which, there were just tons of people, and I do not do well around a lot of people).
Yesterday I was just exhausted and felt like I was dragging just to get The Quick Six done. I didn’t even dust 😦

I vow to get my butt in gear today and get all my chores done!

I hope you all have a productive day as well!



One thought on “Still Recovering

  1. yay! I feel like the days leading up to, and immediately following major holidays are such a whirlwind and so exhausting. I must have looked frantic because at one point A tried to get me to sit down for a minute, but I knew if I stopped I’d never get going again!

    Glad you got a chance to slow down a bit!


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