Musings of a Housewife

Be You and Nothing More.

I recently went on a little venting spree over the Christmas holiday about how I am uber stressed and feel like my family is not helping me when I need it.

I had someone respond to me with her own views, HER VIEWS. I emphasize this because they were her views, not mine. If I had been in my right mind, I would have thanked her for giving me a different perspective, and moved on. Instead, I was sitting at my computer, unable to move, and crying, and in turn, I snapped and deleted the post.

Now, my blog is my own views, my own journey, MY OWN. I want all of you to share your views with me, I want all of you to share your journey with me. I strive to build a blog that gives a safe place to share everything about being a housewife in the new millennium, while keeping with the 1950’s housewife values.

We are coming up on 2016 – not all homes are like they were back then. Not all homes have a stay at home wife with a husband who works. Some homes have two wives, or two husbands, or a wife that works and a husband who stays at home. Guess what? We are all striving for the same goal – to keep our home and family happy and clean.

So, moving forward, please remember, you can only do as much as YOU can do. You are not Jane from next door, and you are not Sue Ann from Church. You are YOU. Maybe you struggle with Anxiety, Depression, or a physical illness that keeps you from being able to clean the house as well as you want to.

Maybe there is something your dealing with that makes you unable to clean the house the way you feel your husband deserves. Perhaps you are so picky about how your home looks, that spending 24/7 picking up every glass, sock, book, or toy is just too much and you need your families help.

I’m telling you, that is OK!!

And if you are one of those women who feel like it is your job to pick up after, and serve on your husband and children hand and foot from sun up till sun down, I am telling you, that is OK too!

But please remember we are all here in our own journey and on our own path.

I love each and every one of you, for being who you are.

If your husband or wife chose you, they chose you because of who you are. Don’t feel like you need to be more than who you are, because obviously they thought you were perfect!

husband and wife


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