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New Year’s Cleaning Blog!

So, last year it was easier to just Post a weekly cleaning check list. It makes it so much easier to know what needs to be done on what day.

However, that cleaning list hardly ever changed. So, on the first Sunday of every month, I will be posting a weekly cleaning list. This list will be used until the first Sunday of the next month.

Also, if there are things that need done according to the season we are in (I am in Ohio, but you can change accordingly), I will post those at the beginning of the month as a “Special Checklist” that will need to be done by the date given (usually the first or second Saturday of the month)

I will post a reminder on the day the Special Chores should be done, but again, DO THEM WHEN ITS RIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY!

I will also post the cleaning list for each room in case you need them again.

As always, keeping up with The Quick Six will always make it so much easier to keep your house clean.



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