SwagBucks? YES!


There are a lot of pages out there that are scams. You need to rack up an ungodly amount of points for dollars before you can cash out. The same CAN NOT be said for SwagBucks. You can cash out with as little as 500 points (which will get you a $5 gift card).

Sound like a lot? Well, its really not. You earn points by doing surveys (ranging from 36 points – 300 points), watching videos such as recipes, music, hot-tos (5 videos gets you 2 points), searching the web (I’ve gotten as much as 35 points at one search), or signing up for services or free trials (I got 1,300 points for signing my family up for GameFly).

You can cash out at 200 SwagBucks for a $2 ebay gift card, or donate as little a 5 SwagBucks to a huge array of charities.

Best Part? This isn’t just a laptop or desktop site. You can download the app and listen to music, watch videos, or search from your phone to earn SwagBucks. you can also do surveys on your phone to earn SBs.

I joined November 2nd, 2015 and I have earned $205.00 in Gift Cards thus far! That’s an average of $102.50 per month, and a little over $25 a week. Not bad for a little extra spending money!

So, what are you waiting for?
Click here to sign up today!!




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