Musings of a Housewife

New Year, Old You

Here is Rule #1 for your New Year –


Sure, there are quite a few things we all wish we could change in our life or routines. But realistically, making plans to change our lives is just not realistic, and its going to put unneeded pressure on ourselves at the beginning of a fresh start.

Want to eat right? Start now. Avoid a few things here and there. If your go-to snack at work is the vending machine. Grab an apple on your way out the door.

If you tend to keep baked goods on the counter at home to grab at while your cleaning, replace them with a bowl of grapes every morning.

If you always serve a vegetable at dinner, replace it with a fresh salad. (Trust me, it taste better, and you will eat less of the carbs and meat).

If you want to get more exercise, take the dogs for a walk instead of putting them out on the lead. Or plan an extra 30 minutes at the grocery store so you can walk up and down EVERY isle. I know, that seems tedious and you think you will buy more than you should, but do it without a buggy, and take advantage of all those blinky coupons on the shelves!

Hmmm….. odd. It seems like any of these things can be started now, instead of on January 1st. See how that works?

Struggling with finding a New Years Resolution? Then don’t make one!

Maybe set a monthly goal instead.

In January, plan to sort through your filing box and shred anything you don’t need from the previous year.

In February plan to send a Valentine to everyone you know just to tell them why they are special to you.

In March set a goal to collect blankets or sheets for a local Animal Shelter.

In April plan to “spring into fitness” and set a goal to take a 2 mile walk each day.

You can take it from there, I am sure you get it.

The point is, there is no reason to change who you are if you are happy.
But if you are not happy, then set goals, don’t make resolutions for New Years. Its setting yourself up for failure.

Today I’m going to share some blogs about realistic living.

Yes, even us housewives trying to live in the 1950’s have to have a realistic view of life.

We cannot spread ourselves thin, or else everything will suffer. We need to take a breath and step back, and realize we are humans. We are NOT Super Woman, we are just, a Wife or a Mom, trying to do our best to make our family happy.

calvin and hobbs


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