Retro Housewife: A Salute to the Suburban Superhero

Retro Housewife: An Attentive Wife – Day 1

Unmarried men in the 1950’s were often paid less than their married coworkers and had a hard time getting promotions. Employers asserted that equal pay made little sense because the single man’s need wear less than that of a family man.

There were 1,667,231 marriages in 1950 and 385,144 divorces. Though divorce was rarely considered an acceptable option, the divorce rate hovered around a sizable 23%. The new millennium divorce rate is approximately 40%.

In postwar America, marriage was a popular option for young people – expecially woman. Nearly 25% of 18 year old women were married in 1950 (compared to 4% of men), with the number rising the 50% of 120 year-olds. Only 32% of 25 old men remained single that year – double the amount of women the same age.


Tillotson, Kristin. “An Attentive Wife” Retro Housewife: A Salute to the Suburban Superwoman. Portland: Collectors, 2004. 1. Print.


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