Retro Housewife: A Salute to the Suburban Superhero

Retro Housewife: An Attentive Wife – Day 5

The tenant wife could remind her handsome both of their wedding vows by keeping a wedding ring ashtray handy. This unique gift was a replica of the solid gold ashtray given to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in honor of their 1953 wedding. The ashtray sold in the mid-1950s, had 24 karat gold plating, and can personalize with the couples names and wedding date for $7.95.

The Kennedy wedding took place on September 13th and 1953 and was one of the biggest events of the year.

In addition to Avon and Tupperware, Housewives of attained degrees of financial independence by selling Shaklee household products. Dr Forest C. Shaklee and his two sons founded Shaklee in 1956 and introduce their first product, of biodegradable all purpose cleaner, in 1960.


Tillotson, Kristin. “An Attentive Wife” Retro Housewife: A Salute to the Suburban Superwoman. Portland: Collectors, 2004. 1. Print.


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